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COVID-19 Masks are required in all City of Arvada Facilities. Pursuant to the Jefferson County Health Order issued Oct. 8, everyone aged 2 and older must wear...


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Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use: The purpose of this web site is to provide the user with information about the City of Arvada. The City of Arvada's web site may contain links to other

RN (Residential Neighborhood) District

Bed and Breakfast C 3-1-3-4 Recreation, Outdoor (playing fields) A Recreation, Outdoor (other

Help Us Take Care of the Sewer System

is the direct result of disposable wipes, paper towels and other types of rags being flushed down the toilet that are not intended for the sanitary sewer system. Currently, these sewer problems have been

Olde Town Water Fountain

. 4 to 6 p.m. 8 to 10 p.m. Please keep in mind that the fountain may be shut off at any time due to weather, maintenance of equipment, or other operational concerns. Fountain Rules When

Order Police Records

Attorney’s office Traffic Accident Reports Available traffic accident reports can be accessed online Traffic Accident Reports (BuyCrash) Other Records Requests for Police reports, background

Our Waterways: How Can You Help?

, into the storm drain system and flows directly into our waterways! Litter, grass clippings, paint, oil,dirt, and power washer wastewater and other waste products pollute the water flowing through Arvada, which

Harmful Algae

and ponds can create conditions where algae can grow quickly and form a bloom. Some Blue-Green algal blooms produce toxins that can be harmful to pets, humans, and other animals that come into contact

Privacy Policy

, but shall nevertheless not be held liable for any injury caused by the disclosure of that information, whether caused by security breach, accident, inadvertence, or any other act resulting in disclosure

Use of Electronic Smoking Devices in Arvada’s Public Places

, athletic fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, skating rinks, bowling alleys, and other similar places; In all retail establishments, including smoking businesses;* All hotel and motel rooms

Communications (Dispatch)

For all emergencies call 911. For other non-emergency issues, call 720-898-6900 or 303-980-7300. When to Call 911 911 should be utilized any time a citizen has an emergency situation

RA (Residential / Agricultural) District

, stables, or other equestrian uses. A = Allowed Use By-Right L = Limited Use C = Conditional Use * If a use is not listed in the table then it is not allowed

Animal Breeds and Care

-6900. Types of Animals In Arvada, there are no breed bans for dogs. There are other types of animals which are prohibited, though, or only allowed to be kept under specific circumstances


with Arvada residents are Social Services Visit Social Services to find resources regarding grants and assistance, the City's housing program and programs offered through counties and other agencies

Police Department History

, the department began its operation with a chief and deputy chief. In addition to responding to calls for service, the duo also read utility meters and performed a myriad of other duties associated with this young

Public Safety Volunteers

and other day-to-day operations to better utilize police personnel. If you would like to have your name added to a volunteer roster for future contact, please call the Arvada Police Department at 720-898-6650

Special Water and Sewer Districts

Most residents and businesses located within Arvada receive water and sewer service from the City of Arvada. However, there are a few areas within the City boundaries that are served by other water

Homelessness in Arvada

Image for
Overview Homelessness is on the rise in Arvada and throughout Colorado. Recent data shows that families experiencing homelessness are increasing in number faster than any other group. In our

Press Release, March 23: City extends State of Emergency and facilities closure

, and continuing to deliver core services to the community. The City also continues to work with health officials and other local municipalities to determine the next level response to the virus, consistent

Arvada City Council releases statement regarding the death of George Floyd

as the responsibility we have as a City and community to take part in it, to listen to each other, self-reflect and recommit to actions that make Arvada a welcoming and inclusive community. Your City Council, along

Arvada Mayor's Statement Regarding June 21 Olde Town Shooting

to protect others without thought for his own safety. Based on reports, he shot and killed the gunman, which without question save lives of other officers and potentially other citizens in our community. He