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Source Water Protection

Arvada has two surface water sources

Arvada’s drinking water comes from two surface water sources: the Denver Water’s Moffat System and Clear Creek. The Moffat water system is our year-round source and is diverted from Denver Water’s Ralston Reservoir. The majority of this water is high-country snowmelt, collected from the Fraser River and South Boulder Creek basins, transported to Gross Reservoir, then to Ralston Reservoir. Approximately 25% of the city’s water supply is diverted from Clear Creek through a series of canals to the Arvada Reservoir and is used as needed or for peak demand.

map of watershed

Actions that help protect source water

Arvada residents depend on a reliable supply of safe, high quality drinking water. Protecting our drinking water is essential to preserve our own health and economy and that of future generations. The City and residents both have important roles to play in protecting the source water on which we all depend. 

The City of Arvada undertakes a variety of measures to protect source water such as:

  • Monitor our influent canals and Arvada Reservoir frequently for a variety of water quality parameters.

  • Protect our drinking water source from microbial and chemical contaminants by allowing  only non-motorized and non-contact recreation on Arvada Reservoir. 

  • Participate with and support local/regional wildfire protection efforts in Clear Creek County, Jefferson County, and Boulder County.

  • Communicate regularly with Denver Water regarding operational changes to water supply.

  • Communicate with CO Legacy Land and receive monitoring and operational information regarding legacy mines.

  • Plan for future projects, educational opportunities, and best management plan implementations.

Residents can do their part to protect our source water by:

  • Properly using and disposing of household hazardous chemicals.

  • Minimizing the use of lawn and garden chemicals. 

  • Keep materials out of storm drains. 

  • If you are able, consider volunteering to Adopt-A-Street.