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Demand Management

2022 water restrictions related to this project in Northwest Arvada have been lifted. Thank you to the impacted communities for your cooperation! 

What is happening

In previous years, the irrigation system demand in Northwestern Arvada impacted the water distribution system significantly. Water service in that area is supplied by a pumping and storage system designed to equalize peak demands in the system. Peak water demand is the point where the most water users are drawing on the system at the same time. In order to avoid overtaxing the system again, the City of Arvada is asking residents in the area to follow assigned watering days in order to reduce peak demand.

How you can help:

  • Follow assigned watering days for irrigation system watering of grass, trees, shrubs, and other perennials. Water no more than three days per week schedule based on the last digit of service address:

  • Odd number addresses: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday

  • Even number addresses: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

  • Annuals and vegetables may be watered any day using drip irrigation or hand‐held watering. 

  • No lawn watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

  • Please do not over water. Signs of overwatering are squishy lawns and water pooling or running off landscaped areas. 

Note: customers with newly planted seed or sod may water the new turf as necessary for up to 21 days. After 21 days, the seed or sod is subject to outdoor watering requests of assigned days, no more than 3 days per week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is affected by these watering guidelines? 

Water customers in the northwestern portion of the City are requested to follow assigned watering days. You can look for your neighborhood on the map to determine if you are affected. 

map of northwestern arvada

Why is peak demand a problem now? 

We continue to experience warmer and drier weather. This understandably causes residents to rely on irrigation systems to keep their landscaping alive. With another dry summer a possibility, it is important that we all work to even out demand across days instead of most people watering on the same schedule. 

What is the City doing to improve the water delivery system in this area? 

  • Building a new water storage tank. This water storage tank was completed in Spring 2022. The delivery pipeline construction was completed in September 2022.

  • Beginning design of a new water storage facility. Estimated completion Fall 2024.

Where can I view a full list of approved water transmission and storage capital improvement projects? 

The City publishes a list of approved capital improvement projects on Water system projects begin on page 91 in the linked document. 

Why is the water system different in the northwest section of Arvada?

In the northwestern portion of the City of Arvada, the water system is supplied by pumps. Pumps are needed due to the elevation of the area and the locations of storage tanks. Pumps have a maximum capacity and when many customers use water at the same time, the pump capacity could be exceeded thus burning out the pump. In other sections of the City, the water system is gravity fed which does not require pumps. 

Do I have to use less water on my landscaping? 

No, you do not have to use less water on your landscaping. The City does encourage all residents to adopt water wise behavior and consider water conservation measures when making choices about your landscaping. 

How is the City going to enforce assigned watering days? 

The City is not planning to enforce assigned watering days. We are asking for voluntary compliance. 


Residents who are affected by demand management this year may contact 720-898-7792 with questions.