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Our Waterways: How Can You Help?

Protect Our Waterways

Did you know it is illegal to put waste products, including landscape materials, into the street? That's because everything on the street washes into openings in the curb, into the storm drain system and flows directly into our waterways! Litter, grass clippings, paint, oil,dirt, and power washer wastewater and other waste products pollute the water flowing through Arvada, which is needed by others downstream. Please DO NOT blow or sweep grass clippings, leaves or any other landscaping materials into the street!

You Can Help!

Many people think that stormwater is treated or cleaned before it flows to our streams, so they routinely sweep grass clippings into the gutter or even the storm drains. If you have a neighbor who has made this part of their lawn care routine, please provide them with a link to this webpage or download the PDFs listed under resources. Once residents understand the importance of protecting our waterways, they are more likely to dispose of yard waste in a safe manner. Thank you!


Volunteer to pick up litter on a chosen route four or more times a year. The City posts a sign with your name on it.  Contracts are two years and can be extended for more. Visit Adopt-A-Street for more information.


The City of Arvada has 135 miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails throughout the parks and open space. The Adopt-A-Trail program utilizes volunteers to assist the Parks Department in keeping Arvada beautiful. Visit Adopt-A-Trail for more information.


Your class or civic group can volunteer to place "No Dumping - Drains to Creek" medallions on storm drains. The medallions help communicate that storm drains should not be used to dispose of waste like paint, grass clippings, oil, or anything else generated in our neighborhoods. Call 720-898-7640 if you would like to set up a volunteer day to apply medallions.