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Water Quality

City of Arvada staff is aware that several private companies are distributing digital and print solicitations regarding drinking water quality in Denver-metro cities, including Arvada. Some of the solicitations imply that "dangerous" chemicals may be present in the water. The companies offer to test your water and provide services to ensure "safer and improved" water quality. Understandably, this may raise concerns about the quality of your water, and you may be tempted to purchase these third-party products and services. The City cannot advise you about whether or not to participate in solicitor's offers, but please take time to understand the basics about water quality and to be clear about the offered services before signing a contract. You should also be extremely cautious before inviting solicitors into you home.

Our primary goal is to consistently provide our residents with safe and dependable drinking water. Sixty employees staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year make sure that water is properly treated, adequately tested and efficiently distributed to homes and businesses. 

Arvada Water Quality Highlights

We adhere to stringent state regulations as required by law.
The City of Arvada continuously complies with the strict federal regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act as well as state regulations provided in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Primary Drinking Water Regulations. These regulatory limits have been established by the state and federal health departments to ensure public health and safety.

We consistently maintain the highest standards of water quality.
The City of Arvada water supply has never exceeded any of the regulatory limits and has never received a drinking water violation. The primary goal of the City of Arvada’s Water Treatment Division is to ensure the safety and health of our residents by producing and supplying the highest quality drinking water.

We provide an annual Water Quality Report.
The City of Arvada provides all customers with an annual Water Quality Report.  The purpose of the report is to share information and inform our customers about the high quality of their drinking water. We want you to know where your water comes from, what it contains and how it compares to stringent federal water quality standards. The City of Arvada's drinking water has met or exceeded the standards regulated by the State of Colorado and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. View the water quality report digitally below or call 720-898-7802 to request a printed copy.

 Water Quality Report




  • City of Arvada Water Quality Administrator: 720-898-7802
  • To report a water break or sewer backup after hours or on the weekend: 720-898-7820.
  • To report a water problem electronically, 24/7, use Ask Arvada.
  • Wish to take a tour of the Water Treatment Plant? Call 720-898-7822.