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Waste and Recycling Program News

Waste and Recycling Program Update June 4, 2021

Monday June 7 through Saturday June 26 the City of Arvada will deliver waste and recycling carts to households that elected to participate in the City’s Waste and Recycling Program. The City team appreciates your patience as we start this new community program. 

While we strive to make the program roll out as seamless as possible, we do anticipate that some residents will want to make changes to their service level. We are accepting change requests throughout June but all cart swaps or removals will take place AFTER the program starts July 5.  

There is no charge for:

  • Service level changes, including cart swaps. If you request a lower level service, you will pay ONLY the fees associated with the lower level as long as you contact the City by Aug. 1.

  • Removal of City of Arvada carts for residents who wish to hire their own hauler.

  • Delivering additional waste or recycling carts.

If you need to make a change to your service with the City of Arvada Waste & Recycling Program, please contact the team:

Phone: 720-898-7575


Program Start Up FAQs

  • Where can I find my pick up day in the new program? 

    • The City has a searchable pick up day map you can access online. 

    • Republic Services and the City of Arvada will mail paper calendars to participating households before the program starts in July. 

  • I missed the deadline to make a service level selection and I do not want level 3 service. What do I do?

    • You will receive a delivery of a 95-gallon waste cart and a 95-gallon recycling cart in June. Please place these carts close to your house and away from the street. Call 720-898-7575 and request a different service level.

    • If you are selecting smaller carts (level 1 or 2), you may use the larger carts until your new carts are delivered. 

    • If you are selecting minimum service and using a different hauler, do not use the new carts. The carts will be removed after service begins. 

    • There is no charge for service level changes for the first 180 days of the program beginning July 5, 2021. 

  • Will I be charged for level 3 service if I request a lower service level after the program starts in July?

    • Service level change requests that are made before August 5 will be billed at the level selected last. That is, if you receive a cart delivery of level 3 carts and request to change to level 1 before August 5, your water utility bill will reflect level 1 charges.

    • Service level changes made after August 5 may result in prorated charges on the next billing cycle.

  • I just moved to Arvada and need trash service but I want to join the City’s program in July. What are my options? 

    • If you are a new resident and would like to join the City’s Waste and Recycling Program when it begins in July, you may wish to be set up as an interim Republic Services customer and then transition into the City’s program. If you would like to receive service from Republic Services between now and June 30, 2021, call 720-898-7575 and choose option 1 then option 2 again when you are connected to Republic Services. 

  • I sent in my service level selection and would like to verify my selection was recorded correctly. 

    • The City team sent a large postcard in May 2021 to every household receiving a cart. On the postcard there was a confirmation of what carts will be delivered.

  • I have other questions about the Waste and Recycling program that aren’t covered here.