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Water/Sewer Project Updates

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Update December 2018: Seven projects are now underway with four scheduled to begin by the end of the year.

Current, Upcoming and Completed Projects

2018 Water Main Replacement

Replacement work is nearing completion in the area of Johnson St. between Brooks Drive at either end.
Contractor is finishing up tie ins for the new water main on the final streets of the 2018 project that include several shorter runs as follows: 

  • 59th Place between Ralston Road and Kipling St.
  • Kline St. south of Allendale Drive
  • 59th Place between Kipling and Miller St.  
  • 63rd Ave east of Nelson St. 

Denver Water Conduit Pipeline Crossing Relocations

Six Arvada water mains are being relocated around the new 66" diameter conduit being installed by Denver Water in the vicinity of the Ralston Water Treatment Plant.

  • Relocation work is now complete on  the 2.5 MG clearwell tank drain line. 
  • Work to relocate the 42" blue zone water transmission main is scheduled to start in early January along with relocation of the City's two raw water mains. 

2018 Trenchless Sewer Main Replacement

The contractor is finishing up final punch list and minor clean up items on various sewer main segments on the project. 

2017 Water Meter Vault Replacements

Work at all locations was completed in September.

2017 Miscellaneous Drainage Projects

  • Work is complete at all locations except 62nd Ave between Pierce St. and Reed St. 
  • Xcel has moved the electrical line conflicts and the City's contractor is set to be on site in January to complete the storm sewer installation. 

2017 Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

Work is nearly complete at all locations. The area on Vance St. south of 55th Ave across the driveway entrance for the existing RTD Park and Ride is on hold until the G-line opens and the parking lot closes so that the contractor can trench across the driveway.

Ralston Trunk Sewer Regrade

  • Work to replace the storm sewer in the Flats at Creekside Apartments complex west of Pierce St. just north of Ralston Creek and south of the railroad tracks is now complete.
  • The bypass pumping system required to replace the 36" sanitary sewer trunk main has been set up and will be put into service early in January while two 36" sewer main sections are replaced.

Upcoming Projects

  • Highway 93 Lakes Drainage Modifications
  • 2018 Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement
  • 2018 Miscellaneous Drainage Projects.
  • Ralston WTP Reaction Tank Bypass.