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Trash and Recycling

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Recycle/Trash Haulers Licensed in Arvada

The City of Arvada does not provide trash or recycling services to Arvada residents. Residents have many options for recycling and disposing of household trash.

Download the PDF of Licensed Recycling/Trash Haulers.

Local Recycle Partner

SustainAbility located in East Arvada is able to accommodate many common household and hard to recycle items.


Recycling Guide

Visit our Recycling Guide for information on where to recycle common household and hard to recycle items in the Metro area.

 Recycling Guide



Local Landfill

The landfill nearest Arvada is Republic Services Landfill located at 8900 CO-93, Golden, CO 80403. For hours and pricing information, contact them at 303-371-5115.

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