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Slow the Flow-- Free Sprinkler System Audit

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Slow the Flow will not be offered in 2016

Slow the Flow Colorado is a free sprinkler inspection program available to Arvada water customers. Residential, HOAs and commercial properties are all eligible, but you must make your appointment. A trained water auditor will come to your property to conduct the sprinkler inspection and provide you with handy tools to reduce the amount of water needed to irrigate your landscaping.

Why should I participate?

  • Professional service provided at no charge
  • Learn simple ways to have a healthier, more beautiful landscape
  • Receive a customized watering schedule 
  • Learn practical, easy, do-it-yourself sprinkler maintenance
  • Learn how to improve the performance of your system 
  • Do your part to conserve Colorado’s water!

How much does the inspection cost?

Nothing. The City of Arvada has partnered with the Center for ReSource Conservation (CRC) to make this popular program free.

How long will it take?

The entire process will take about 1.5 hours.

When can I get an inspection?

Inspections run from mid June through September annually.

Who will do the inspection?

Professionally-trained water auditors scheduled by the CRC.

What happens at the inspection?

A sprinkler inspection includes the following:

  • A visual inspection to pinpoint any problems in your sprinkler system
  • Tests to measure the precipitation rate of your sprinkler system
  • Tests to determine how evenly the water is covering the intended area
  • Soil sample to determine root depth and soil type

What will I get after the inspection?

You will receive a customized watering schedule as well as recommendations and tips to make your sprinkler system more effective and efficient. Plus get resources for improving your landscape to keep it beautiful and healthy.


Steps To a Free Inspection


1. Review your eligibility

If you receive water from the City of Arvada AND you have an operating underground irrigation system, you are eligible.


2. Request an Inspection

Online: Complete the request form online at:

Phone:   303-999-3824


3. Schedule an Inspection

Upon receipt of your request you will be contacted to set up an individual appointment with a trained water auditor at your home or business.


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