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Sewer Line Inspections

The City of Arvada’s Wastewater Division continually strives to maintain a trouble-free wastewater collection system to the service and benefit of all of our citizens. Crews clean and televise (inspecting with a small camera) the City main lines. During this work, we sometimes find that pipes connecting private homes to the City’s sewer main system (called service laterals) have root intrusion coming into the City sewer main. The roots of trees and shrubs grow into and enter the City mains through the lateral pipes.

On an ongoing basis, the City invests in Cured in Place Pipe lining for the City sewer mains. This technology results in a seamless pipe from manhole to manhole eliminating any root intrusion or ground water infiltration into the City’s system from joints in the pipe. The integrity of the liner material extends the expected life of the sewer by 50 to 75 years. However, this technology does not reduce the impact of roots coming from service laterals.

Unless your service lateral has been replaced with newer PVC pipe, you may have roots growing in your line. We encourage you to be proactive in maintaining your service line and keeping it free from roots by having it professionally cut and cleaned on a regular basis. Failure to maintain your service line could result in sewage backing up in to your basement and increases the possibility of creating a blockage in the City main. If you have not had your line visually inspected, we recommend having a plumber televise your line. We suggest you request a copy of the inspection for your records.

We are committed to providing a safe, efficient and trouble-free wastewater collection system, but we need your help. Please do your part by maintaining your service lateral and keeping it free of roots. If you have a sewer manhole in your back yard, please ensure that these manholes are accessible to our crews for maintenance purposes as well as unforeseen emergencies. If you any questions, please call 720-898-7770.