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Help Us Take Care of the Sewer System

Disposable Wipes Bad for Sewer System

The City of Arvada’s Wastewater Division is experiencing a large increase in calls relating to sewer problems from residences. This increase in calls is the direct result of disposable wipes, paper towels and other types of rags being flushed down the toilet that are not intended for the sanitary sewer system. Currently, these sewer problems have been in the service laterals of the homes. Maintenance of service laterals is the responsibility of property owners. Backups can result in costly and unpleasant damage to property.

Wipes clog pipesWipes, paper towels and rags do not break down as toilet paper does. The use of these materials will result in blockages in your service line and will increase the likelihood of sewer overflows affecting our environment and your home.

Flushing these types of rags and wipes is a direct violation of the Arvada City Code, Sec. 102-131. If anything other than toilet paper must be used, place it in a bag and throw it in the trash. Do not flush them down the toilet. Please do your part in helping us protect property and the environment.

Discharge of Sump Pumps Into Sewer System Illegal

Per Arvada City code, it is illegal to discharge any ground water or sump pump into the sanitary sewer system. Such illegal discharges decrease the capacity in our system and add a considerable cost to what the City pays to properly treat and disinfect all sewage.

If you own a sump pump that is discharging to the sanitary sewer, please correct this immediately by discharging to a landscaped surface or other appropriate means of discharge.

View the Sump Pump video to see if your sump pump is in violation of Arvada City Code!


For any questions, please contact the Wastewater Division at 720 898-7771.


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