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Christmas Tree Recycling

The 2019/2020 Christmas Tree Recycle event is complete. Thank you to all who participated.

Where & When Can I Recycle My Christmas Tree?

  • Lake Arbor Lake Park at 6400 Pomona Drive is accepting trees December 26, 2019, through January 19, 2020. No restricted days or times.
  • Stenger Fields at West 58th Avenue and Oak Street is accepting trees December 26, 2019, through January 19, 2020. Drop off times at Stenger are restricted to between 6 a.m. and dusk each day.

What to Know Before you Go

Please do not drop off branches or trees downed by the Christmas wind storm.
Please make sure the tree is free of nails, wire and all decorations to ensure safety of City staff handling the trees.  
We do not accept garlands, wreaths, or yard waste.
Business or commercial use not permitted.

What Happens to the Tree Mulch?

Mulch will be available free of charge at all drop-site locations as available. Residents will be responsible for loading and hauling of mulch. For more information on the Christmas tree mulching program or how to use mulch in your landscape, call the Parks Department at 720-898-7410.