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Help keep Arvada Beautiful by volunteering for the Adopt-A-Street Program, and collect litter from our community streets, parks, green belts, and waterways.  

How Does Adopt a Street Work?

  • Individuals or groups volunteer to pickup litter on streets in Arvada.
  • Volunteers enter into a written agreement with the City and agree to clean the adopted street or site a minimum of four times per year.
  • The City provides trash bags and safety vests, and will collect the filled bags when the volunteers have completed the litter pickup.
  • Signs are posted on the adopted streets to recognize the efforts of volunteers, civic groups, churches, or businesses.

How to Adopt a Street

  • Routes are selected from a priority list. If you know of a street that needs cleaned but it is not on our list, suggest it and we can make it a route.
  • You may also submit a service request for this item in the 'Submit a Service Request to Adopt a Street" under Resources.


Public Works Department, 720-898-7740. 

The program is designed to help keep Arvada clean and attractive for its citizens. Thank you for considering the adoption of a street!


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