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Hazard Mitigation

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Mitigating Against Hazards

The City of Arvada is dedicated to taking proactive steps to increase the resilience of our community. One step in this process is the maintenance of a Hazard Mitigation Plan. The City of Arvada is a participating jurisdiction on the Jefferson County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This plan is a multi-jurisdictional effort to reduce the impacts of events like flooding and fire on citizens and property in our community. Hazard mitigation is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as “any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to human life and property from a hazard event.” This plan is a valuable resource as the City works to protect our residents and resources to make our community more resilient.

Arvada Hazards

  • Drought

  • Extreme temperatures

  • Flood

  • Hailstorm

  • Tornado 

  • Wildfire

  • Windstorm

2021 Plan Update

The Federal Emergency Management Agency mandates communities update their Hazard Mitigation Plan every 5 years. As a jurisdiction within Jefferson County, a multi-departmental team from the City of Arvada is involved in the 2021 update process. 

To begin the update process, Jefferson County and its communities will identify hazards that threaten our residents and determine the likely impacts of those hazards. After assessing and identifying risks, the City will set mitigation goals for the next 5 years. This planning process culminates in an annex specific to Arvada. 

The City of Arvada Annex provides a more detailed assessment of our unique risks as well as our specific mitigation strategy. It contains:

  • A community profile summarizing geography and climate, history, economy, and population;
  • Hazard information detailing previous occurrences and probability of future occurrences;
  • Vulnerability information in terms of future growth and development in hazard areas;
  • A capability assessment describing existing regulations, planning documents or personnel in the organization with a role in mitigation;
  • Outreach efforts and partnerships and past mitigation projects.

2021 Key Dates

Provide Your Input

We want to hear from Arvada residents to better understand your experiences and ideas to reduce the impacts of hazards before they occur. Join us at Speak Up Arvada to view opportunities for public input and read project updates.