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City's Facilities Closure Extended Until May 30 (Municipal Court, PD Community Stations open) On May 1, the City announced the extension of its facilities closures through May...
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COVID-19 Recovery

As part of its continued response to the COVID-19 health crisis, the City of Arvada has extended the closure of most City facilities to the public through May 30, 2020. The extension provides additional time for the City team to evaluate facilities and services to help ensure that physical distancing and other safety measures are in place to serve residents in-person and support onsite members of the City team. The Municipal Court and the PD substations are open with social distancing and other safety measures in place. For more information on the City's Recovery Plans, visit Please note: This facilities closure extension does not apply to businesses in Arvada.

Planning for Recovery Now

From the start of the City of Arvada's response to the COVID-19 health crisis, planning for recovery has been an important piece. A Recovery Team was established early on, and now the City is beginning first phases of recovery including the phased re-engagement of in-person services. This page is a resource for tracking the City's work in recovering from the health and economic challenges associated with COVID-19.

Our Principles for Recovery

The City's approach supports the state's recovery objectives, including: 

  • Work to suppress the virus 
  • Increase ability to conduct testing and containment
  • Help protect those most at risk for COVID-19
  • Support the healthcare system's ability to handle increased demand
  • Support social distancing policies that allow for economic growth and stability
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of policies and their impact

The City has identified specific principles to guide resuming in-person services and achieving long-term recovery:

  • The health, safety and well-being of our community and employees remains our top priority.
  • The economic recovery of our community and organization is essential to long-term recovery.
  • We will reopen facilities in phases and with extreme caution and care while acknowledging the risks.  
  • We are nimble and flexible in our planning and decision making as we respond to evolving circumstances.
  • We are committed to working collaboratively and remaining aligned as a team in our recovery efforts.
  • We will continue to follow the advice of state and local health experts regarding physical distancing and other guidelines.
  • We will continue to involve the community in the recovery process, including seeking to understand varying comfort levels and abilities to embrace changes to physical distancing and activities.

Approach to Re-opening City Facilities to the Public

We will continue to follow state and county health guidelines as we work to reopen our community. The state will allow a process for local governments to modify state standards based on local conditions. Long-term focus on recovery with short-term flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances. We will be operating in the new normal for an indefinite period. Our objective is to abide by the Governor’s “Safer at Home” scenario (not exceed the 50% onsite workforce level) for offices, while offering in-person services in a phased approach. The City plans to:

  • Take a phased approach to reopening our facilities. We will open to the public only when appropriate measures are taken to mitigate the risk of virus exposure and spread and only when we are in compliance with state and county health guidelines.

  • Review current services and develop a plan for reestablishing all services. Since the City currently offers many services in a remote capacity (development meetings, building permits, video inspections, answering questions via phone and email), we will review those that are not presently being fully offered and create a plan for how to best offer those in the near future prior to opening.

  • Evaluate all spaces in our facilities. Prior to reopening, all facilities will be evaluated and preparations taken to ensure safety and social distancing for each service.

  • Evaluate all outdoor spaces.  All parks and other City recreation facilities will be evaluated to plan for communications, guidelines and actions that align with the State and that can be supported by the team with appropriate health and safety measures.

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