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Shared Micromobility Scooters and Bicycles

The City is starting the process to allow rental scooters and bicycles in the City. We would like your feedback and input to make this program work the best for Arvada residents and visitors. On this page you can find out more information about program background and different ways to provide input and feedback.


In 2019, the City's Transportation Committee, a citizens’ committee that studies, recommends and participates in a variety of efforts to foster a safe, efficient and sustainable multi-modal transportation system, reviewed and evaluated different options to help with transit connectivity and mobility around the new G Line stations in Arvada. After looking at several options include additional RTD service, flex ride, circulators, and micromobility, the Committee recommended that the City initiate a pilot project that would allow rental bikes and scooters in a one-mile radius area around the G Line. The Committee Chair, along with City staff presented this information to City Council on April 27, 2020. You can watch a recording of the presentation to City Council.

What is Shared Micromobility?

Transportation for America defines shared micromobility as "any small, human or electric-powered transportation solution such as bikes, e-bikes, scooters, e-scooters or any other small, lightweight vehicle that is being used as a shared resource between multiple users." You may have also heard this topic referred to as mobility as a service, micromobility, dockless mobility, bikeshare, scooter share, or another related name.

As it relates to Arvada at this time, we are specifically looking at electric scooters, regular bicycles, and electric bicycles. You may be familiar with these devices from other cities you have visited or lived in, and below are some images and a description for the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NATCO) to make sure everyone has the same understanding of shared micromobility.

What is shared micromobility? Shared-use fleets of small, fully or partially human-powered vehicles such as bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. These vehicles are generally rented through a mobile app or kiosk, are picked up and dropped off in the public right-of-way, and are meant for short point-to-point trips. pictures of ebikes and escooters

Information and Feedback Opportunities

The City is planning to host four virtual Zoom meetings for the public to find out more information about the proposed system, operations, and rules and regulations. City staff will answer questions from the public related to the program and gather feedback from the public.

Virtual public meetings

Speak Up Arvada Project

The City team has developed a Speak Up Arvada project where residents can learn more about the pilot project, proposed rules for the pilot and take a survey. An e-mail address was created specifically for this program to allow residents to provide feedback, ask questions, and submit compliments and complaints once the program is up and running. You can contact the City about the Shared Micromobility program at


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