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Shared Micromobility: E-Scooters & Bicycles

The Arvada City Council approved a micromobility pilot program on August 16, 2021 which allows shared mobility devices (electric scooters, shared bicycle and e-bikes). 

The City is issuing permits for up to two vendors to participate in the program. Each company can have up to 200 devices that can be rented by the public during the pilot program.

The program has launched with Bird as the initial vendor providing only scooters.

Pilot Program

At this time the City is only looking at dockless bicycles and scooters, which means they can be taken from point to point, and do not have to be parked at a specific location. This makes the devices more useful and allows more freedom for the user to end their trip exactly where they need. Based on community feedback, the City is working on adding parking areas in high traffic areas to ease congestion. 

Thank you to those who provided feedback on their experience with the program. Feedback via SpeakUp has concluded. We also gathered the following data about how the community is using shared e-scooters:

infographic about the pilot program by the numbers including number of rides and miles ridden on average










The City team reviewed the survey responses and shared an analysis of the results with the Arvada City Council. 

The City team is currently working to incorporate the City Council's feedback into the next stage of the project. 

How to use Micromobility Devices

Before riding, know the operating rules:

  • On Streets: Devices are not allowed on narrow sidewalks for the safety of the rider and pedestrians. Riders should use these devices in the street and on designated bike lanes, similar to personal bicycles. The maxiumum speed is 20 MPH.
  • On Trails: Micromobility devices are allowed on City trails and capped at a maximum speed of 15 MPH. Users are responsible to follow trail rules including audible signals when passing slower traffic.
  • For safety, riders:
    • Should wear a helmet for safety
    • Must be over the age of 16
    • Must follow all traffic rules, signals, and signs
    • Must ride with the flow of traffic 
    • Must yield to pedestrians 
    • Must not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Only one rider on each device at a time is allowed

Parking rules:

  • Park devices the correct way:
    • Within designated micromobility parking zones and available bike racks
    • Within the hardscaped amenity zone between the sidewalk and the roadway
    • Allow at least 4-feet of usable pedestrian walking space around the device at all times
    • Devices should be upright when parked
  • Devices are not allowed to be parked in the following areas:
    • At the corners of sidewalks if ADA ramps are present
    • On curb ramps or blocking access to pedestrian push buttons at intersections
    • Against trees or within landscaped planting beds
    • On blocks without sidewalks, but with a paved shoulder
    • Where they may block access to the following:    
      • Parklets or streateries, loading zones, ADA handicap parking zones, street furniture that requires pedestrian access (i.e. benches, parking pay stations, bus shelters, transit information signs, etc.), curb ramps, entryways, driveways, landscape planting beds or other landscape materials, fire hydrants and fire lanes, railroad tracks or crossings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Micromobility?

Micromobility is "any small, human or electric-powered transportation solution such as bikes, e-bikes, scooters, e-scooters or any other small, lightweight vehicle that is being used as a shared resource between multiple users" (Transportation of America). 

As it relates to Arvada at this time, we are specifically looking at electric scooters, regular bicycles, and electric bicycles that do not exceed 20 MPH.

pictures of ebikes and escooters

How long will this pilot program run?

Following the direction of the City Council and feedback at the November 14 Council workshop, the City team will move forward with an additional year of the shared micromobility pilot program in 2023. The program allows contractors to provide shared e-scooters, bikes and e-bikes throughout the city. The continuation of the pilot process will allow City teams to continue studying the functionality of the program. The City will utilize the Council and community feedback to update the program moving forward. 

How do I report a problem or improperly parked rental?

Please contact the vendor directly to resolve the issue using one of three methods:

  1. Community Mode: Community Mode is accessible by clicking the "⚠️" symbol in the bottom left corner within the Bird mobile app. Click this button, and you’ll find three separate options: report a “Badly Parked Bird’’, “Damaged Bird”, and “Contact Bird”. This is by far the most efficient way to report the aforementioned topics to the Bird Team and you do not have to be a rider to use this feature (only have to have the app downloaded).
  2. Support Email: If riders or residents would like to reach out over email, please use
  3. Support Phone Line: The Bird 24/7 support line is +1 (866) 205-2442


How can I become a vendor?

The pilot program allows for two vendors to operate during the evaluation period. If interested, please contact to inquire about the process.

How can I access the bikes or scooters?

Visit the vendor’s “How to” page to learn more.

Contact Information

For immediate needs or to report a complaint, please contact the vendor directly using the information above about how to report a problem. 

For general questions and inquiries, please contact the City at 



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