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Ralston Water Treatment Plant Zone 5 Pump Station Replacement

What's Happening Now 

August 2020: Construction activity is anticipated to begin soon. The construction site is removed from residential areas therefore, the City does not anticipate any impact on surrounding residents. 

Project Description

This project will provide required drinking water pumping capacity to the distribution system serving the Northwest area of the City, as well as the piping for required drinking water treatment and distribution operation flexibility. 

The new pump station includes three vertical turbine pumps rated for 6,000 gallons per minute (gpm), replacing the existing aging 1,500 gpm pump station located inside the Ralston Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The pumps will be housed in a concrete block structure located at the west side of the existing Ralston WTP site. Click on the images on this page to see larger versions of the project location and diagram. 

map of project locationdiagram of pump station

Project Timeline

Construction is expected to start August 2020 and continue through 2021.