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Arvada's Curb Ramp Request Program (ACRRP)


The City of Arvada is committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all when using our streets and sidewalks. Curb ramps are a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Their installation is crucial in creating a city wide network which provides accessibility to city programs, goods and services.

Curb ramps are installed at public street corners, or public pedestrian crossings where sidewalk(s) meets curb. They allow for continued, free unobstructed access to the sidewalk system or public right of way.  A curb ramp ensures that people with mobility disabilities will have access when using the sidewalks and crossing streets.

During new construction and certain street alterations, the Public Works Department upgrades or installs new curb ramps throughout the City in order to comply with the ADA. This request program (ACRRP) is designed to build upon or supplement the ongoing efforts of the Public Works Department.

This program is intended to assist individuals who use mobility aids and/or have mobility impairments (e.g. wheelchairs, walkers, limited movement). It is not intended to assist with baby strollers, bicycles or other mobility devices not covered by the ADA.       

The ACRRP is designed to:

  • Ensure individuals and groups with disabilities have access to sidewalks and thus access to parks, events, public transportation, schools, work, etc.
  • Supplement and enhance the City’s current curb ramp installation and replacement efforts
  • In fill corners that may not be scheduled for improvements in the near future
  • Complete sidewalk connections that are missing a couple of key curb ramps
  • Work with the existing sidewalk infrastructure

This program is specific to curb ramps and their installation. Curb ramp design and construction will coordinate with existing sidewalk(s). This program is not intended for the installation of new sidewalks. 

Requesting a curb ramp through this process does not automatically guarantee curb ramp installation. We aim to fulfill your request, but reserve the right to decline it based on said factors.  

Process and Procedure

  1. Request is submitted to the Public Works Dept., City’s ADA Coordinator
  2. ADA Coordinator reviews application, ensures completeness
  3. ADA Coordinator contacts applicant 
  4. Relevant sections of the Curb Ramp Flowchart (CRF) are utilized
  5. Approval to hire on-call contractor 
  6. Begin construction


Is to have curb ramp(s) installed 6-8 weeks after request is submitted. Accordingly, factors like feasibility & design, weather, contractor availability, materials, funds etc. will need to be considered. We want each request for a curb ramp(s) to be fulfilled. There may be extenuating circumstances where curb ramp installation is not possible or limited. Arvada will work closely with applicant to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, their request is realized

Requesting a Curb Ramp

To request a curb ramp(s) please fill out the Arvada Curb Ramp Request Program Form. Be as detailed as possible and be sure to state the reason for the request. This form and process is not intended to identify an individual’s disability. 


If you need this information in an alternative format please contact the Arvada ADA Coordinator: 

Arvada ADA Coordinator
8101 Ralston Road, 2nd floor
Arvada, CO., 80002