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82nd Avenue and Indiana Street Right Turn Lane Extension

Project Description

During the morning peak hours, the western leg of W 82nd Avenue at Indiana Street intersection sees a backup of eastbound traffic occasionally blocking access to the right turn lane. To improve this congestion, the City is lengthening the eastbound right turn lane on 82nd Avenue approximately 250 feet. The proposed widening will be accompanied by striping revisions to extend the eastbound left turn lane and potential signal timing improvements to further alleviate morning congestion.

What's Happening

Construction of the lane extension is now complete. Eastbound W. 82nd Ave at Indiana is open to traffic in a temporary alignment until the final street resurfacing phase is completed. The final resurfacing phase is scheduled to begin Saturday, August 7th, and will be completed by Saturday, August 14th. In conjunction with the final resurfacing phase for the turn lane extension project, W. 80th Ave. from Indiana to the main entrance of Ralston Valley High school will also be resurfaced during the same time frame. East and west bound traffic will be maintained during construction, but delays are to be expected and alternate routes are advised.

The team has deployed portable message sign boards alerting the public who travel this roadway of the closure. 

This improvement should relieve the long line of cars that queue up waiting on the traffic signal at W. 82nd Avenue and Indiana and provide a strong durable surface for years to come.  In addition to this additional right turn lane, last summer, CDOT lengthened the time of the left turn arrow to also help move traffic better through the intersection.  This project should be completed prior to the start of the 2021 school year.

Tentative Timeline

90% Review meeting = May 2020
Design Complete = July 2020
Construction = Early August 2021