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W 63rd and McIntyre Intersection


The City of Arvada has received questions and concerns about traffic growth and redevelopment projects near W. 63rd Avenue and McIntyre. This intersection is unsignalized and considered “full movement.” The existing crosswalk provides connectivity to a trail system on the east side of McIntyre and shopping areas to the west.

The City maintains a Comprehensive Plan that helps provide a framework for land use and transportation needs concerning growth and development throughout the city. Additionally, the City's development review process requires traffic studies in an area when development is proposed. Together, this framework informs infrastructure planning and allows for continuous evaluation of the needs of the traveling public.

Prior to 2019, traffic studies and redevelopment projects in this area had not resulted in a decision to change the intersection configuration. In 2019, public meetings associated with a senior housing development project resulted in a City response to evaluate the unprotected McIntrye crosswalk for pedestrian safety improvements. In response to these concerns, the City has been working through the analysis and design of a protected pedestrian crossing at this location.

What’s happening now

The analysis and design of a pedestrian crossing at this location are in progress. The City is committed to implementing a protective environment for safe pedestrian crossing. Community requests for a signal at this location are also being taken into consideration. Ultimately, the design will include a traffic-controlling system that provides safe traffic operations for all modes (vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist).

There are additional concerns about traffic movements at the intersection that need further analysis. There are no current plans to restrict the intersection to right-in, right-out, or no left, turns. The City will continue ongoing evaluation and additional improvements or changes may be proposed in the future with increased traffic demand. We will also continue to explore appropriate speed management strategies to reduce speeding along the corridor to balance traffic mobility and safety.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the City addressing ongoing development and impacts on traffic?

To manage growth, the City uses a 30 year forecast that incorporates regional projections, city land-use policy and transportation analysis that is updated every 10 years with census data. This is known as the Comprehensive Plan. The City also evaluates traffic on an ongoing basis to ensure we have the most efficient, effective and safe traffic control systems at each unique intersection for all modes of traffic (vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist). 

When any development is proposed within the City of Arvada, City staff is responsible for reviewing and approving that development. This process includes reviewing traffic impact studies that assess the current and future projected traffic in the area. This process identifies improvements that are needed when the development is built, as well as future changes that may need to be implemented as more homes and businesses are added to the area.

In addition, the City of Arvada is about to initiate a Transportation System Master Plan project. The City of Arvada’s Transportation System Planning (TSP) effort is a significant effort that will eventually help identify the City’s ongoing and long-term transportation needs. The TSP effort will include extensive community engagement, data analysis, future transportation demand and management opportunities, and funding and resource strategies to make it a success. 

What about the development at 59th and McIntyre? 

The City is aware of resident concerns around a proposed industrial development located at 59th Avenue and McIntyre Street. This land is located in Jefferson County and the City of Arvada does not have jurisdiction related to the development of this property. 

Currently, there is no industrial development application for this site. There was a pre-application meeting with the County in May 2022. To date there has been no formal application submitted.  Please visit the Jefferson County website Pre-Application Case Number: 22-113264PA for more information. 

Should there be an application the plans will be reviewed by the County team for conformance to land use and engineering standards in the County. The City of Arvada will receive a referral and make comments on a proposed development at that time. These comments are non-binding related to the County's determination of the application, but will represent Arvada's perspective on the technical merits of the project and its impacts on Arvada. Until an application is submitted the City team does not have enough information to comment on any proposed development. 

What about the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) that was discussed previously?

A Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system is a push-button activated pedestrian signal that alerts drivers about the presence of a pedestrian within a crosswalk with yellow strobes. The City uses a guideline for when and where these devices are appropriate. At the 63rd and McIntyre intersection, with the location not meeting signal warrants, the RRFB design was developed to support pedestrian safety. This design includes modifications to the raised medians and was intended to be a low-cost and quick-build solution in response to the 2019 conditions. However, with logistical challenges and recent changes to engineering standards, this design now requires additional considerations to meet the updated engineering standards, forecasted traffic volumes, speeds, and pedestrian safety requirements. The City is assessing the application of the RRFB system alongside other alternatives, such as pedestrian traffic signal, given more recent data and public input.

Is a no left turn (right-in right-out) restriction being considered?

No - the City is not currently considering a left-turn restriction at the 63rd and McIntyre intersection. However, traffic safety is a top priority and crash patterns may result in restrictions in the future if a traffic signal is not an option. The City will conduct an evaluation and share it with emergency responders and the neighborhood if this future safety option is needed.

Is a traffic signal being considered?

Yes - the City is considering a traffic signal at the intersection of 63rd and McIntyre. The City is assessing this option with a phased approach where the interim solution will serve pedestrians (ped signal) and the future solution will build on the ped signal to serve side-street traffic demand. 

Is the City considering any interim solution to address overall traffic operations and safety?

Yes - the City may identify interim solutions that may help address the ongoing citizen concerns while the City is working on a permanent solution to be evaluated and built. 



The Public Works Department is maintaining a contact list for this project so that we can continue communicating with you prior to modifications to the intersection. Please email if you would like to be added to the contact list for this area.