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Meet Your School Resource Officer

Kevin Lewis - North Arvada Middle School

SRO Lewis

Officer Kevin Lewis started with the Arvada Police Department in January 1998.  He is the SRO at North Arvada Middle School and works with four elementary schools and a charter school.  Officer Lewis strives to keep the students and school safe. He enjoys interacting with and building a good relationship with the students so they can trust the police as well as trying to make their lives better.  During his tenure as a police officer he has been a patrol officer, field training officer, a driving instructor for the Department, and a detective with the West Metro Drug Task Force.  


John Zubrinic - Arvada West High School and Warren Tech North

SRO Zubrinic

Officer John Zubrinic started with the Arvada Police Department in January 1996.  He has been a patrol officer, field training officer, and a member of the Community Resource Impact Team, the Department’s special enforcement unit.  He also served a previous stint as the SRO at Oberon Middle School and Ralston Valley High School.  Officer Zubrinic is currently a firearms instructor for the Department and teaches in the Criminal Justice Program at Red Rocks Community College.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Officer Zubrinic taught high school for a year in Arizona, so he enjoys getting in the classroom and interacting with students.  He currently provides instruction on a variety of topics in the classroom at A-West and Warren Tech North.

Officer Zubrinic has a son in college, so he feels it is important to set an example for students and be a positive influence.  He would like students to realize that police officers are at the school to be a resource for the students and to maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff.  Officer Zubrinic would like to see each student graduate and be successful in their lives and productive members of society.


Gordon Beesley - Oberon Middle School

SRO Beesley

Officer Gordon Beesley is the SRO at Oberon Middle School.  Officer Beesley has been with the Arvada Police Department for nine years.  He spent four years on patrol, working day shift and overnights.  He also spent five years with the traffic unit as a motorcycle officer.  He is dedicated to fostering a safe environment in his school, opening the lines of communication for the students, and teaching them the importance of integrity as they move on to the next phase of their lives.  

Officer Beesley and his family try to take advantage of all aspects of the outdoors in Colorado: hiking, biking, skiing and camping. Officer Beesley also enjoys playing the drums with his band, traveling, and learning.  His motto is:  “Look for the good in every day.”


Darron Walter - Arvada High School

SRO Walter

According to Arvada High School Principal Gina Rivas, Officer Walter is a great addition to Arvada High School.  He has developed many relationships with the students, staff, and the Arvada community. Students feel comfortable talking to and sharing information with him, due to the trust he has created. Officer Walter works with staff on issues and safety concerns. Officer Walter is a terrific student advocate and happy to be at Arvada High School. 


Dana Gerber - Pomona High School

SRO Gerber

Officer Dana Gerber joined the Arvada Police Department in 2005. During his tenure, he served as a Field Training Officer in 2009. Prior to working for Arvada, he was a residential staff employee at a juvenile facility. Officer Gerber grew up in Wyoming and graduated from Cedarville University in Ohio with BA in Criminal Justice.   


Blaine Engdahl - Ralston Valley High School

SRO Engdahl

Officer Blaine Engdahl started working for the Arvada Police Department in 1988, after working at Wheat Ridge P.D. for three years. He worked assignments in patrol and the traffic unit as a motorcycle officer. Blaine is also a radar and laser instructor for the Department. For two years, Officer Engdahl was a DARE officer, teaching drug resistance and violence prevention in Arvada elementary schools.

In January of 2006, Officer Engdahl became the SRO at Ralston Valley High School. Officer Endgahl says he enjoys interacting with the students and establishing a rapport with them.  “They get to see myself (and other police officers) as people, people who don’t just write tickets, and make arrests.” He especially enjoys working with the special needs students. 

In addition to his regular duties at the school, SRO Engdahl attends school sporting events, academic awards nights, band and choir concerts, and theater performances. Blaine comments, “When the students see me in other settings, they realize this is more than just a job to me.” Because he has made a personal connection with students, the students and their parents often invite him to the graduation parties or they just to stop by to say “Hi” when the students are back from college. 

A Ralston Valley staff member wrote, “Blaine has integrated himself fully into the RVHS community by showing interest in our students and staff beyond his law enforcement role.  Although officially an employee of the City of Arvada, Officer Engdahl is thought of by Ralston Valley students and staff as a member of the RVHS family.” 


Ashley Apparito - Arvada K-8

SRO Apparito

Officer Apparito is the SRO at Arvada K-8. She has been a police officer with the Arvada Police Department since 2013. While she was in college pursuing her BA degree in Criminal Justice she was an intern with the Criminal Investigations Bureau at Arvada Police Department. She is currently an Advisor for the Arvada Police Explorer Program.

Being an SRO was a position that Officer Apparito knew early on in her career was something that she wanted to be a part of. She has always enjoyed working with juveniles. As an SRO, Officer Apparito hopes to make a positive, life-long impact in the lives of children, parents, and the school, and foster a positive relationship between students and law enforcement.

Officer Apparito is a Colorado native and enjoys everything Colorado has to offer. During her free time she likes to go snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding with her one year old German Shepherd, and spending time with family and friends.


Brad Gagon - Elementary Schools 

SRO Gagon

Brad Gagon is our Elementary School Resource Officer. He has come home in a way to Arvada, where he was raised and his involvement with the community runs deep. Officer Gagon attended Weber, Campbell and West Woods Elementary Schools, Drake Middle School and graduated from Ralston Valley High School. While at Ralston Valley, he was an Arvada Police Explorer - a program he participated in between 2002 and 2006. Officer Gagon received a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Criminal Justice from Utah Valley University.

Officer Gagon has been a member of the Arvada Police Department since 2014. He wanted to be a police officer ever since he was a little boy and since high school, wanted to be a school resource officer.