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Report a Property Crime - Vehicle

For all emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergency police matters, use the reporting tools below. If a crime is occurring now or happened within the past 30 minutes, call Police Dispatch at 720-898-6900.


You can complete a report online if: 

  •   There is no suspect information
  •   The crime is non-emergency and NOT violent
  •   Crime is NOT in progress
  •   Crime happened more than 30 minutes ago

Need to report a different non-violent crime? Check out Report a Crime for more options.


Your Information
Incident Information

This form may only be used to report crimes within the City of Arvada. Please include a street address and zip code.

Business Information (if crime occured at a business)
Vehicle Information
Details and Signature

By entering your intials below to sign this form, you are agreeing with the statement(s):

  • The crime is not violent or an emergency.
  • "I hereby affirm that I have read and understand the following statement: "Reporting any crime that is false or malicious is punishable by law. Violators will be prosecuted for filing a false report to authorities."
  • "I affirm that the information contained in this form is true and correct."