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Ralston House .5k Endurance Challenge

The Ralston House .5K Endurance Challenge, traditionally held in August each year, will be held virtually in 2020. Learn more and register. The race is a mere 1,640 feet -- .5K (that’s POINT 5 kilometers). 

Although it is a short race, the Point 5 K does have a point. The race is a fundraiser for Ralston House Child Advocacy Center, a nonprofit organization that offers services to help child and teen victims of abuse to begin the healing process. Our mission is to stop the abuse and start the healing. Your participation makes a positive impact on the lives of kids. 

The 2019 .5K Endurance Challenge will not be held in Arvada this year, but the August 10 Belmar race in Lakewood will continue to support child children of Jefferson, Adams, Broomfield, and Gilpin counties.

For more information, visit the Ralston House website or call 720-898-6744.