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Workplace Crime

While it is difficult to predict workplace crime, here are tips to make yourself safer.

Tips to Reduce Workplace Violence

  • Maintain good visibility into and outside of the business. Avoid using window posters.

  • Keep a minimum amount of cash in the registers and use drop safes at the register.

  • Post "minimum cash" stickers on doors.

  • Maintain good interior and exterior lighting.

  • Control access into and within the business.

  • Position well-maintained, recorded surveillance cameras for facial views.

  • Avoid staffing just one employee, especially during night shifts.

  • Advise employees to report ANY suspicious activity to the police as soon as possible.

  • Conduct quality employee background checks, which can reduce work place violence.

  • Provide de-escalation training techniques to employees.

  • Comply completely with a robber’s demands; focus on being a good witness.

  • Contact the police department for a security consult.


If you own a business, especially a high-risk business as identified above, and would like an investigator to work with you on a security consultation, please call the Arvada Police Department’s Investigations Bureau at 720-898-6700.