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Charlie Sector

Charlie Sector is roughly bordered by W. 72nd to W. 60th Avenues, and Kipling Avenue to State Highway 93. We operate out of the West Woods Community Station at 6644 Kendrick Drive.  We offer a variety of services including Public Safety Classes

  • Help When You Need It
    • 24/7 availability of police dispatch
    • Business hour availability of police service technicians
  • Safe Transaction Zones - Make online purchase transactions more safely in our lobby during normal business hours.

  • Complimentary Community Room Use - The West Woods Community Station has a community room, capable of holding up to 30 people, available for free to residents. 

Letter from Portia Hensley, Charlie Sector Commander

Hello Residents of southwest Arvada, also known as the Charlie Sector,

My name is Portia Hensley and I am the new Charlie Sector Commander. I have worked at the Arvada Police Department since 2006. I was a Sergeant for four years before becoming a Commander. I am a proud graduate of Arvada High School and was excited to return to Arvada to start my law enforcement career.

Prior to working as a police officer, I received my Masters of Public Policy from Georgetown University  and my Bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College. Between undergraduate and graduate school I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay.

The men and women who work at the Arvada Police Department are professionals dedicated to serving our Mission of Respect, Dedication, and Responsibility. Your officers in the Charlie sector deploy every day from the West Woods Community Station at 6644 Kendrick Dr. and are devoted to the southwest geographical area of Arvada.

The decentralized policing model utilized by the Arvada Police Department is one that creates lasting relationships between officers and community members. Officers deploy from their assigned community stations and become extremely familiar with the needs of community stakeholders, crime trends, and the nuances of their assigned sectors in the City. Community members, in turn, get to know and trust their police officers. This symbiotic relationship benefits both the community and the Police Department. The Charlie sector has unique issues and concerns and we are committed to policing the sector like we live here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via email: or phone: 720-898-6843 with any questions or concerns. 


Map of Charlie Sector

Map showing the boundaries of Charlie sector



Portia Hensley


Image of Contact person


Public Safety


Commander, Charlie Sector

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