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Frequently Asked Questions (Sex Offender Registration)

Q. Where do I need to register? 

A. If you are living within the limits of a city or town, you must register at the local police department and if you are living outside the limits of a city or town, you must register at the county sheriff's department. If you have multiple residences, you must register with the law enforcement agencies of each jurisdiction in which you reside. 

Q. What are the hours I can come in and register? 

A. Registration is by appointment only. Appointments are made Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.To make an appointment, please call 720.898.6578. 

Q. What do I need to bring and how long will it take to register?

A. Registrants must bring proof of residence (such as utility bill, water bill or lease agreement) and a photo ID (driver's license or state issued identification card), and payment for registration. 

For initial registration, allow approximately one hour. 

Q. How much are the registration fees? 

A. Initial registration is $60 unless you are classified as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) which is $75. Annual registration is $25. 

Q. How do I stop registering as a sex offender? 

A. All sex offenders must register until they get a court order to discontinue registration. Typically, juvenile convictions allow for the petition to court to be filed upon completion of supervision. Adult convictions require registration for either 5, 10, or 20 years, or for life. For more information, visit the State of Colorado Courts page at