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Crime Information and Prevention

Crime prevention is the idea that the police are a part of and not apart from the community. Crime prevention is a proactive form of police work constituting one of the cornerstones of community policing. It is the reason that police officers patrol the streets: the police visibility engenders security and trust, and discourages criminal activity.

Youth Safety

From investigating crimes against children to offering tips on preventing underage drinking, the Arvada Police Department is committed to youth safety in our community.

School Resource Officers

The Arvada Police Department has eight School Resource Officers who work full-time in the schools they serve to help ensure strong relationships and mentoring for Arvada youth. 

Sexual Offenders

Colorado Law (Article 16, Title 22 CRS) requires persons convicted of certain sex crimes to register with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where they reside

Crime Maps and Statistics

The Arvada Police Department offers real-time crime reportingYou can get instant online access to the latest City of Arvada Crime statistics.

Types of Crime

Learn about the types of crimes tracked by the Arvada Police Department.