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Classes, Programs, and Events


The Arvada Police Department is proud to offer a series of free classes to citizens including

Crime Free Multi-Housing,

Crime Prevention Classes,

Women's Self Defense Classes

Women's Self-Defense Refresher.

Programs For Teens

Explorer's Post for kids interested in careers in law enforcement

Teen Police Academy offers opportunities for Arvada's youth to experience modern policing.

Ride-alongs are offered to citizens and those interested in law enforcement careers.

Northey Foundation provides scholarships, as well as assistance to officers and their families in times of crisis.

Program For Adults

Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association is the backbone of support for the police department.


The Arvada Police Department organizes and participates in several community events, including: Shred-a-ThonDrug Takeback held in conjunction with the Northey Foundation, and National Night Out. We are always looking for new opportunities to get out and meet the community!