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The Arvada Police launched a website to help students in Arvada learn the law, get safety tips, and find help when needed. Topics include bullying, dating, drugs and drinking, stealing, graffiti, guns and weapons, rules of the road and more. Although it is a website, is designed to function on a cell phone like an app, from drop down menus to telephone dialing functionality. This design enables students to access the site easily from their mobile devices. Connect the young people you know with today!





Arvada Police convened a Youth Advisory Committee in May 2017, comprised of students from Arvada high schools and asked them what they were most interested in knowing about. Students met in person and then provided feedback via email chats throughout the summer. The content on the site is a direct result of these conversations.

“Our goal in creating this site was to provide important information to teens based on what they were telling us,” said Chief Link Strate, who oversaw the project.

“We have seen printed versions of teen guides, but felt they lacked the critical piece of two-way communication,”Strate continued. “This site is built with two-way communication tools throughout each category.”

An example is the subject of harassment. Students can read basic descriptions of harassment, read the full statute if interested and when necessary to report a crime, call 911 directly from their phone or report it via Safe2Tell.

Categories on the site include bullying, dating, drugs, and drinking, graffiti & stealing, guns and weapons and rules of the road when driving.

The website gives healthy alternative activities under “Stuff to do in Arvada”, provides additional resources for more information and lists School Resource Officers and Principals at each of the four Arvada high schools, as well as a link to other Jefferson County Schools.

The website also invites feedback from students for future content and questions. “Our goal is to constantly add to and enhance the content based on student’s input,” said Strate.