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Senior Assistance

Services to assist senior citizens are available through the City of Arvada and throughout the Denver Metropolitan area.

Arvada Police Elder Abuse Detective

The City of Arvada's Police Department has a dedicated full-time police officer to assist with the needs of Arvada's senior population. For contact information and to find out more about services offered, visit Elder Abuse Detective.

Programs for Seniors

Colorado Life Trak

  • A family member or caregiver of an at-risk child or at-risk adult contacts the Arvada Police Department to enroll in Colorado Life Trak.
  • Participants wear a small, personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over several miles.
  • When needed, a search and rescue team responds to a missing persons call and uses a mobile locator tracking system to find the Colorado Life Trak participant.

​​Colorado Life Trak is a nationally-recognized radio transmission system designed to help police and rescue agencies locate at-risk people. The program is designed for children and adults who have the propensity to wander from their homes and who may get lost. Examples include older adults with Alzheimer's disease and children with Down’s Syndrome or autism. Colorado Life Trak is available at the Arvada Police Department to help families whose loved ones are at risk of wandering. For further information, or to enroll, please contact the Arvada Police Department Elder Abuse Detective or download the Colorado Life Trak Brochure (PDF).


Outside Organizations

The following services are provided by governmental agencies and private organizations.