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Resilient Neighborhoods

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If you are interested in strengthening your neighborhood by holding a block party or want additional Neighbors Connected resources, visit the Neighbors Connected webpage.

Building resilient neighborhoods is an important part of the Neighbors Connected program and the City is here to partner with your neighborhood to help you get started. By participating in Neighbors Connected, you and your neighbors are taking a critical step towards being prepared and being resilient -- getting to know each other and building trust!

What is a Resilient Neighborhood?

A resilient neighborhood is one that is able to survive, adapt, and thrive after a shock such as a natural disaster, economic downturn, water shortage, or even the declining health of a community. In the event of a disaster your first responders will most likely be your neighbors and other community members who are prepared to act.

Get Involved

A resilient neighborhood begins with you. The City of Arvada offers a number of resilience-building programs and resources to help you and your neighbors get started. Below is a list of potential activities.

  • Meet with your Neighbors Connected group to identify a neighborhood emergency contact person and meeting point
  • Attend a Severe Weather Spotter training
  • Train with or join the Arvada Community Emergency Response Team (Arvada CERT)
  • Create home preparedness plans and emergency kits
  • Create a “talent bank” with your neighbors to inventory special skills. Is someone in your neighborhood an EMT or nurse? Can someone speak multiple languages or use a HAM radio?
  • Host a disaster-themed movie night and discuss how you and your neighbors might respond to a similar event
  • If your neighborhood group is interested in something specific that is not on this list, please contact the City of Arvada’s Community Resilience Coordinator.


Community Resilience Coordinator Enessa Janes,