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Neighborhood of the Year Award

To recognize and celebrate those neighbors who are building strong communities that make Arvada a great place to call home, the City created a Neighborhood of the Year Award (NOTYA). This year, more than ever, it was critical to focus on strengthening social ties and a united sense of community while remaining physically distant to work together to slow the spread of COVID-19. History shows us that communities with strong social connections are better equipped to recover from a major crisis. We challenged you to stay connected to your neighbors and nurture relationships while being physically distant - and Arvada rose to the occasion! 

Did you and your neighbors get creative about how to stay connected and strengthen relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, nominate your neighborhood for the Neighborhood of the Year Award! Any City of Arvada Neighbors Connected group that strengthened social connections between neighbors in 2020 is able to self-nominate. 

Apply for the 2020 Neighborhood of the Year Award. Deadline is Friday, Oct. 9.

2019 NOTYA Winners

Nine neighborhoods submitted applications. The top four applicants were selected for their remarkable collaboration in completing projects, programs, and events that developed strong community bonds and neighborhood pride. 

The winners were recognized by City staff and Councilmembers at the Nov. 14 Neighborhood of the Year Award Ceremony. The top three neighborhoods will receive a NOTYA street sign, a neighborhood mini-grant in the amounts of $1000, $500, and $250 respectively, and a community tree planting. The street signs will be posted at the entrance to their neighborhood, and the mini-grants can be used for future neighborhood-building activities.  The four winner, named Neighborhood on the Rise, will receive a $150 mini-grant as seed money for neighborhood activities.  

1st Place: Forest Springs Comforteers

This year, the Forest Springs Comforteers organized neighborhood activities such as their first National Night Out block party, a neighborhood movie night, creating a community library box, building a community seating area, hosting a police safety workshop, and a pilot challenge to neighborhood groups across the City to make Birthday Bags for the families served at the Community Table.

Birthday Bags Challenge

2nd Place: Club Crest South

Club Crest South Neighbors Connected organized neighborhood activities like a Fall Bash with a Halloween Costume Parade & Community Table Collection, an Easter Egg Hunt, a June Potluck Picnic, and the 11th National Night Out that included a collection towards a multi neighborhood challenge to create Birthday Bags for families served by the Community Table.

Club Crest South Halloween Parade

3rd Place: Lake Arbor HOA

This year, Lake Arbor HOA organized activities like a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, a Pool Party, a Holiday Light Competition, trail clean ups, a 5k fundraiser, and focused on the community garden at Little Sprouts School.

Lake Arbor 5K Fundraiser

Neighborhood on the Rise: 86th Place

86th Place neighbors organized a myriad of social activities to bring neighbors together, such as an Ugly Sweater party, Summer Luau, trips to Red Rocks shows, a kids’ bike parade, and a summer play put on by neighborhood kids. 

Ugly Sweater Party

Thank You and Looking Forward...

To all of our neighborhoods who submitted a nomination for the award, thank you, and we look forward to more neighborhoods working towards creating vibrant, connected communities.  For more information on available programs and resources to connect your neighborhood, visit our Neighbors Connected page.


City of Arvada Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator: Charise Canales

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