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Landlord Tenant Issues

The City of Arvada cannot become involved with disputes between landlords and tenants. These are civil matters and do not fall within the City’s jurisdiction to resolve. 

Who Can Help Me?

Renters and tenants may contact Colorado Housing Connects. The Colorado Housing Connect’s Tenant-Landlord Helpline Program is a free housing information helpline for residents throughout the state of Colorado.

  • Explore  Colorado Housing Connects
  • Contact:  Fair Housing CO-HUD 303-672-5437, Legal Assistance 311, Colorado Housing Connects 1-844-926-6632, Colorado Department of Local Affairs (Housing) 303-864-7810, Mile High​/United Way Referral Line 211.

Parties may also consider mediation through Jefferson County Mediation Services, 303-271-5060, or may consult with a private attorney.