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Housing Programs

Essential Home Repairs Program

Starting in 2023 the City of Arvada will no longer be administering the Essential Home Repair Program. Instead, we will be collaborating with Brothers Redevelopment Inc. to administer a single-family home rehabilitation program. Brothers Redevelopment offers home repairs and modifications for qualifying disabled people, low-income individuals and families, and seniors that need crucial home repairs and modifications. For more information, contact Brothers Redevelopment at 303-685-4225 or

Safe and Accessible/Help for Home Programs 

The Safe and Accessible and Help for Homes Program provides grants for low and moderate income, elderly, and disabled households for home accessibility modifications to provide them with better ease of access in their homes and for assistance with other home repairs.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists in offering very low income households with vouchers to assist with rental payment. For more information about how to apply to be on the waiting list, please visit the Housing Choice Voucher Program page.


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