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Housing Choice Waitlist and Housing Participants

The City of Arvada is not accepting applications for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) program. For additional resources, please explore the frequently asked questions below. 

Waitlist Questions

  • Where am I on the Waitlist and when will I receive a voucher?  Families are placed on the waiting list based on preferences which are subject to change. You may call 720-898-7493 and get your waitlist number. The Arvada Housing Authority cannot predict the amount of time it may take to receive a voucher.
  • I applied for housing during your February 2015 wait list opening. My address and phone number has changed since then.  How do I update this information?
    We will accept changes only in writing. You may print the  Waiting List Address Change Form (PDF) and send it in to us by mail, fax or in person. Once we receive your request we will update our system.  You will not receive proof of submittal due to the large volume of applicants.
  • What can I expect when my name reaches the top of the waiting list?
    You will be contacted through mail. Once eligibility has been determined a time will be scheduled to attend an orientation and your household will be requested to provide the information necessary to verify eligibility.  At that time, the housing specialist will review the rules of the program, and provide you with the resources needed to begin your housing search.

Housing Participants

How do I report changes in family composition?

  • ALL changes in family composition and household income needs to be reported within 10 days of the change to the Arvada Housing Authority.
  • Fill out a request to add or remove family letter form and provide follow up documentation.

How do I report changes in employment?

  • I am a new employee and have not been paid 
    Have your employer fill out a verification of employment form listed under resources.You can also have your employer write a letter on letter head stating when you began employment, how much you will earn an hour, how many hours you will be working, and how often you will be paid.
  • I am no longer employed   
    Have your employer fill out a verification of employment form listed under resources. You can also request a letter from your employer preferably on letter head stating the end date of your employment.

How do I report other changes to my income?

  • I receive AND, OAP, TANF Benefits
    You may either obtain a print out from Human Services or print the Human Service benefit form under resources.
  • I have a Pension
    Provide a  Pension statement.   
  • I am receiving Unemployment
    Provide a compensation statement from the  State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to your housing specialist.
  • I am receiving Veteran Benefits
    Provide your most recent Veteran Statement to your housing specialist. Visit for more information.
  • I am receiving Child Support
    Provide a Family Support Registry statement that includes payment history for the past 12 months.
  • I receive child support but not through FSR
    Have the responsible party write a letter stating the amount and how often you receive payment.  
  • I own a business
    Provide a recent tax form.
  • I receive money from friends, or family to help me pay my bills.  Is that considered income?
    Yes. Have the provider write a letter stating how much you receive and the purpose of the money. If you are not unsure that the money is income ask your housing specialist. 

Asset Verification

  • What is considered an asset?  "An asset is an item of economic value that is expected to yield a benefit to the owning entity in future periods". If you are questioning whether you should report, please contact your housing specialist.
  • If I have a Checking and or Savings Account do I need to report that?
    Yes, you will need to provide a Bank statement dated within the past 60 days. Make sure to include ALL pages of the statement.

Student Verification

  • I am a student what do I need to report?  
    You will need to provide your housing a statement of tuition, credit hours and financial aid.


  • I am an elderly and or disabled person; can my medical expenses be deducted?
    Yes,  you may be able to reduce your rent portion. In order to deliver the best outcome you will need to provide proof of payment of your medical bills. Do not send invoices. You can request a print-out from your pharmacy and/or medical providers that shows the entire out of pocket expenses for the year.  The print-out should include the provider’s name and address, whom the financial account belongs too, and the amount you paid.  


AHA is not absorbing Housing Choice Vouchers at this time; we are billing.

I would like to transfer my Housing Choice Voucher to Arvada 

  • Contact your current Housing Authority and discuss the process. Please view our payment Standards.

I am ready to transfer and need to know Arvada Housing Authorities portability specialist? 

  •   Dena Kothe
  •   Phone: 720.898.7476
  •   Fax: 720.898.7490  
  •   Address: 8001 Ralston Rd. Arvada, CO 80002                             

I would like to transfer my Housing Choice Voucher outside of Arvada

  • Provide your housing specialist with a request to transfer and landlord certification form provided under Resources.


Please review the Landlord Guide to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. If you are in need of commonly used forms please check the Resource list. If you have questions please call us at 720.898.7494

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