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Programs and Assistance

There are many programs available to Arvada residents that offer financial assistance, programs, low cost loans, discounts and grants. The programs are offered and administered by a variety of agencies. 

Resident Rebate Program

  • Resident Rebate Program:  The City of Arvada offers a rebate to qualified residents through the Resident Tax Rebate Program. The Program runs from May 1 through August 31, residency and income is based on information for the prior year. Rebate amounts are $85 for the first person and $50 for additional person. Partial residency rebates are available on a pro-rated basis.

Human Services

Human Services are provided by counties, including Jefferson and Adams county. If you need assistance with Human Services, please refer to the resources below.

  • Jefferson County Human Services - Whether you need assistance with enforcing child support orders, disability services, or Veterans services, Jefferson County Human Services can help. Please explore the  Jeffco Human Services website for details on programs, resources, and more.
  • Adams County Human Services - From Adult Protective Services to adoption and more, Adams County Human Services has many resources available to its residents. Explore both Adams County and community resources at  Adams County Human Services

Housing Programs

Explore Housing Programs to find out more about the Essential Home Repairs Program, Homebuyer Assistance, Housing Choice Voucher Program, and more.

Xcel Energy Payment Assistance

  • At Risk of Electricity or Gas Shut Off?: The City of Arvada receives a grant from Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) to provide financial assistance with Xcel bills to Arvada residents who are at risk of having their electric and/or gas service disconnected.