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Disputes with Neighbors

The Most Common Disputes


The City enforces noise ordinance violations. If your neighbor is in violation of them, and is causing a disturbance for you and your household, you may report them to the police department at 720-898-6900. 


Animal Rules and Regulations are important. They establish certain responsibilities for pet owners. If your neighbor is in violation of the law in terms of how they are keeping or caring for animals, you can report them. Animal Management can assist with complaints, urgent matters, and inquiries about the law.

Property Appearance 

If your neighbor's home is violating City code - such as having weeds more than a foot tall or other eyesores on their property - you can report it to Code Enforcement. Please be sure to include photos (if you can) of the suspected violations.

Property Lines

The City of Arvada cannot become involved with disputes between neighbors over property lines.  These are civil matters involving privately owned land and do not fall within the City's jurisdiction to resolve.