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Common Code Questions


All vehicles and trailers on public or private property must be operable and currently registered or stored out of public site like an enclosed garage. All vehicles and trailers must be parked on an approved surface (concrete, asphalt, or rock). 


Signs cannot be posted on any city right-of-way. This includes street signs, utility poles, and medians. Additionally, Realty signs are limited solely to the property that is “For Sale” or “For Rent.” Other sign restrictions may apply. Please contact Planning at 720-898-7435 for sign permits information.


Weeds and non-decorative grasses over 12” high are prohibited. Noxious weeds are prohibited. It is the owner/occupant’s responsibility to maintain the property out to the traveled portion of the roadway (including sidewalks, curbs and gutters).

Snow Removal

All ice, slush, and snow must be removed from sidewalks adjoining a property within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. It is the owner/occupant’s responsibility to maintain the property out to the traveled portion of the roadway (including sidewalks, curbs and gutters). For more information, visit

Family, definition of

No more than five (5) unrelated people may live in a single household. This is enforced at the discretion of the Code Officer.


All property must be free from accumulation of rubbish or garbage. This includes, but is not limited to trash, tree branches, yard trimmings, metals, lumber, vehicle parts, appliances, etc. All trash must be removed from the property regularly so it won’t become a nuisance. Trash containers must be stored behind the front face of the house, with the exception of your scheduled trash pickup day. 


ALL new fences or replacement fences require a permit. Please contact Planning at 720-898-7435 regarding permit requirements.

Parking and Parking Surfaces

Off street parking spaces and driveways must be made of asphalt or concrete. Additional parking surfaces may include rock as long as the area is clearly delineated and is kept free of weeds and visible dirt. Recreational vehicles, including trailers, can only be parked on the street for 72 hours in any given 7 day period. 

Trees and Shrubs

Bushes/shrubbery growing over the sidewalks must be cut back to be even with the edge of the sidewalk. Tree branches hanging over the sidewalk must also be cut back to 10’ above the sidewalk and 14’ above the street. Plant growth cannot obstruct city signs or warning lights.

Additional Code Information

In Municode, you can find a specific ordinance, get definitions, or just browse the Code of Ordinances. Tip: After launching Municode, try the search box at the top of the tool. Entering a term (such as "parking") will help you explore every ordinance addressing a topic.   


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