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Code Enforcement (Neighborhood Services)

Our goal is to preserve a community for a lifetime.  To achieve this goal we must maintain and enhance existing commercial and residential areas. In order to ensure a safe community and a high quality living environment for the citizens of Arvada we are required to implement nuisance codes and zoning ordinances.

Code Enforcement responds and resolves enforcement issues, reviews building and other permits, provides customer service and pro-actively removes illegal signage from the city right of way. 

Register a Complaint                            

There are several ways that you may register a complaint. If you have a question about city ordinances, please explore Common Code Questions.

  • Online -  Ask Arvada is our online question database that will  let you register a complaint online.  This is the most efficient way to enter a complaint.
     Submit Code Violation in Ask Arvada

  • Phone - Call (720) 898-7465 to connect to our specially trained customer service representatives who are ready to help you with your request.
  • Walk Ins and Mail - You may also register a complaint via mail or by simply stopping by and speaking with a representative of our department at City Hall.

House surrounded by overgrown vegetation







Featured Tip

Remember that all grass and weeds have to be kept below 12 inches.  It isn't just an eyesore.  It can also be a fire hazard.