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City of Arvada Private Activity Bonds

Private Activity Bonds (PABs) offer low-cost financing to encourage private sector investment in communities throughout the country. PABs support investment in projects that increase the tax base of a local community, including: (1) affordable housing, (2) economic development/manufacturing, (3) infrastructure, and (4) environmental projects.

The City of Arvada annually receives a PAB allocation from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs that allows tax exempt bond financing for a variety of economic development and/or affordable housing projects. The City’s 2023 PAB allocation is $7,422,253.

The City of Arvada is accepting applications for the City’s 2023 Private Activity Bond allocation. Applications will be accepted for the development or preservation of affordable housing in Arvada.


  • 1. Announce Request for Applications  January 27, 2023 – February 27, 2023
  • 2. Application Submission Deadline – February 27, 2023
    • Submit application and all supporting documentation electronically to: Carrie Espinosa Manager of Housing Preservation and Resources City of Arvada
  • 3. City staff to review PAB applications - March 2023
  • 4. City staff to present recommendation to City Council; City Council evaluates options and approves recommendation for PAB – April 2023.

Below are the City of Arvada PAB Application and Policy


Please contact Carrie Espinosa at 720-898-7475 or by email at with any questions.