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Arvada Severe Weather Shelter

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What is a Severe Weather Shelter?

A severe weather shelter is a temporary housing facility operated on the coldest nights of the year to provide shelter for homeless individuals. In Arvada, we will have three severe weather shelters hosted by local churches. Please help provide a safe and warm place for individuals experiencing homelessness when severe weather strikes.

How You Can Help


Volunteers for Arvada's severe weather shelters are needed! A variety of opportunities are available including:

  • Overnight Host - 1 night per month 
  • Evening Host - 1 evening per month 
  • Food Volunteer - 1 meal per month 
  • Laundry Volunteer - once per month 
  • Phone Intake Volunteer - 3 hours per month
  • Administrative Volunteer - 3 hours per month
  • Van Driver - 2 hours per month



Other volunteer positions are available. For a description, download the SWSN Volunteer Information PDFFor more information contact Tracy Thayer at 720-515-9313 or

Donate Items

We are now accepting specifically, travel-sized sundries and snacks, as those experiencing homelessness rarely have means to carry larger items with them when they leave the shelter. You may drop off donation items 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday at our PD community stations or at City Hall:
Lake Arbor Community Station, 8110 Vance Dr., 720-898-6970
West Woods Community Station, 6644 Kendrick Dr., 720-898-6980
City Hall (Atrium), 8101 Ralston Road 720-898-7500

Travel Sized Hygiene Items Travel Sized Snack Packs

Travel size foot powder

Lunch size chips
Cold weather lip balm Peel top fruit cups
Travel size body wash Soft cereal bars
Travel size sunscreen Tuna salad lunch kits
Individually wrapped toothbrushes

Chicken salad lunch kits

Travel size toothpaste

Peanut butter crackers

Travel size packages of wipes

Cheese crackers

Travel size deodorant

Plastic eating utensils

Donate Financially

Support the SWS Network financially to help provide a warm, safe place for homeless individuals during the severe weather season when they have no other shelter.

What is the Severe Weather Shelter Network?

The Severe Weather Shelter Network​ partners with other organizations and faith communities to so that cities are equipped to provide shelter and other amenities on life threatening winter nights for individuals living on their streets. Download the SWSN FAQ sheet.


For more information on the Sever Weather Shelter Network, visit the Severe Weather Shelter Network website.

For more information regarding how the City is responding to homelessness in Arvada, visit





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