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Emergency Notification Tools

To ensure that you will receive notification in an event of an evacuation, or dangerous situation,  register your phone with the CodeRed Emergency Notification System

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

The CodeRED system is used by emergency services agencies in Jefferson and Broomfield counties to help disseminate information regarding critical incidents. In addition to Jefferson and Broomfield counties, there will be portions of Adams and Clear Creek Counties included in the CodeRED notification. 

Land lines are automatically included in CodeRED notifications, but residents and businesses are encouraged to visit the CodeRED registration web site at CodeRED to add additional contact information, including additional cell phone numbers, SMS (text) and email address preferences. Residents may also elect to receive severe weather notifications.

Individuals must register if they want to receive emergency notifications.


When you call 911 from your phone, minimal levels of data, such as phone number and location, are displayed. When you create a Safety Profile which will include data about yourself and family members, that data is automatically displayed to 911 dispatchers during emergency calls. The result is far greater emergency response effectiveness and saved lives.

Safety profiles can include the vital personal and medical information for each member of the home. Participants may also include a photo for each person and list any pets that may be in the home.

Registration is free, easy and secure. Visit and create your family’s safety profile. It could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Smart 911 is a free national service currently being used by Arvada 911.