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Reporting Pet Issues

What should I do if...

I find or lose a pet

If you find or lose a pet, notify Arvada Animal Management at 720-898-6850. This is a recorded line and Animal Management Officers (AMO) check it frequently. Be prepared to leave a message with the following information:

  • Breed of the animal and color 

  • The sex of the animal and if it has been altered 

  • Type of collar and color 

  • Rabies tag, identification tag, and/or microchip information

  • Location the animal was lost or found 

  • Your name, address, and phone number

If you've lost a pet, you may also contact Foothills Animal Shelter to see if your pet may have been turned in by a concerned citizen.

I find an injured pet or animal

Immediately call police non-emergency dispatch at 720-898-6900 and select option #1. An AMO will be notified by dispatch to respond as soon as possible. Please note: If your pet is injured or deceased, please contact your veterinarian for assistance. 

I suspect or know of animal abuse or neglect

If you know or suspect someone is committing animal abuse or neglect, please notify Animal Management at 720-898-6850. This is a recorded line, which is checked frequently. Leave the reason for your call and your contact information to expedite a response. When Animal Management returns your call, be prepared to tell them who owns the animal; who you suspect is committing the abuse or neglect; the nature of the abuse or neglect; and the date, time and place it occurred. Documenting as much information as possible is critical to AMO’s ability to help the animal.

I encounter a habitual leash law/pooper scooper violator

Repeat encounters with off-leash or pooper scooper violators warrants a call to Animal Management. Animal Management will ask for descriptions of the animals and the owners and the time and location of the infraction. As a repreat encounter, does this happen at or around the same time every day or on a particular day? Knowing this information helps AMOs determine if an area is violation-heavy. Assigning extra patrols to those areas can help correct the violations.

I want to report a barking dog

Looking for information on reporting a barking dog? Visit