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Memorial Park Parking Lot Work 6/23 & 24 Sections of Memorial Park parking lots and City facilities parking lots will be closed for work June...
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Living With Wildlife

The City of Arvada has many natural areas that provide shelter, water and food for wildlife to flourish among humans. 

Conflicts can occur between animals and humans; however, many of these can be avoidable. For example, intentional and/or inadvertent feeding is the major cause of most wildlife problems.  

Animal-Proof Your Home

  • Secure garbage cans with lids and if possible, store cans in garage until trash pick-up.
  • Regularly inspect patios, sheds, chimneys, and other open spaces around your home.
  • Keep pet food inside of your home.
  • Install chimney caps, screens off the openings to the attic vent and cover open spaces to porches and decks.

Trapping and relocating wildlife is discouraged as it leaves a void for other wildlife to move into the territory. In addition, trapping and relocating animals may result in unnecessary suffering, starvation and ultimately their death.