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Living With Wildlife

Arvada is a beautiful area surrounded by open space, which comes with great benefits as well as some natural hazards. This is the reality of the natural world we live in. We ask our residents to respect the unique aspects of living among wildlife and to be proactive so wildlife and humans can continue to coexist peacefully.

Avoid Conflict with Wildlife

  • Do not leave food, including pet food, outside. Intentional and/or inadvertent feeding is the major cause of most wildlife problems.  
  • Secure garbage cans with lids and if possible, store cans in garage until trash pick-up.
  • Regularly inspect patios, sheds, chimneys, and other open spaces around your home to make sure animals are not nesting there.
    • Install chimney caps; screen off the openings to the attic vent; cover open spaces to porches and decks to prevent access.

Do not trap or relocate wildlife. Trapping and relocating animals may result in suffering, starvation and even death to the animal. If you are having problems with wildlife in your yard or neighborhood, please contact Arvada's Animal Management Division at 720-898-6850.

Additional Information

To learn about the ordinance regarding feeding wildlife, visit Feeding Wildlife Prohibited.

To learn more about Wildlife in Colorado, visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife.









Wildlife Information