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Recent Articles in Residents

Access Arvada Updated
Residents / Public Improvement Projects

Image for Access Arvada
The City, including our services, facilities and other infrastructure, is for everyone, and we are committed to ensuring the City is inclusive and accessible. To continue toward this goal, we are launching the Access Arvada campaign to evaluate the City’s progress in meeting the...

Emergency Preparedness Updated
Residents / Resilient Arvada / Emergency Preparedness

Image for Emergency Preparedness
To report an emergency, call 9-1-1. Sept. 25, 2020: The City of Arvada has declared a Stage 2 municipal fire ban, effective immediately. In declaring the fire ban, the City acknowledges that while the State of Colorado ban is scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, dry conditions persist in Arvada....

Ralston Road Project Updated
Residents / Public Improvement Projects / Infrastructure Projects

What's Happening Now  Phase One (Upham to Yukon Streets): Traffic has been shifted to the south side of Ralston Road, with one lane in each direction. No left turns are permitted onto or off of Ralston Road through the construction area. This alignment will be in...

Neighborhood of the Year Award Updated
Residents / Neighborhoods and Community Services / Neighbors Connected

Image for Neighborhood of the Year Award
To recognize and celebrate those neighbors who are building strong communities that make Arvada a great place to call home, the City created a Neighborhood of the Year Award (NOTYA). This year, more than ever, it was critical to focus on strengthening social ties and a united sense of community...

Resilient Neighborhoods Updated
Residents / Resilient Arvada

Image for Resilient Neighborhoods
Each year, we invite Arvada residents to take a survey regarding how connected you feel to your neighbors. Beginning Sept. 18 through Oct. 2, visit Speak Up Arvada to fill out our short survey. You do not have to be a registered user of Speak Up Arvada to participate in the survey. The survey...

Help Us Take Care of the Sewer System Updated
Residents / Services and Sustainability / Sewer

Disposable Wipes Bad for Sewer System The City of Arvada’s Wastewater Division is experiencing a large increase in calls relating to sewer problems from residences. This increase in calls is the direct result of disposable wipes, paper towels and other types of rags being flushed down the...

Utilities Updated
Residents / Services and Sustainability

Cable Services The City of Arvada does not provide cable television services. Your service provider may depend on your location. Please explore Cable Companies pages for more information. Electricity and Natural Gas Services Electricity and natural gas services in Arvada are provided by Xcel...

Senior Assistance Updated
Residents / Neighborhoods and Community Services

Services to assist senior citizens are available through the City of Arvada and throughout the Denver Metropolitan area. Arvada Police Elder Abuse Detective The City of Arvada's Police Department has a dedicated full-time police officer to assist with the needs of Arvada's senior...

Sewer Line Inspections Updated
Residents / Services and Sustainability / Sewer

The City of Arvada’s Wastewater Division continually strives to maintain a trouble-free wastewater collection system to the service and benefit of all of our citizens. Crews clean and televise (inspecting with a small camera) the City main lines. During this work, we sometimes find that pipes...

City Construction Projects Updated
Residents / Public Improvement Projects

Image for City Construction Projects
Looking for construction information on major routes impacting your commute? Visit our Cone Zone page.  Looking for information on City of Arvada-managed construction projects that may affect vehicle or pedestrian travel in your area? Interactive Projects Map How to Use...