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W. 72nd Ave. Project

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Ballot Issue Update

In the November 6, 2018 election, Arvada residents approved Ballot Issue 3F for a bond issue to fund improvements to Ralston Road and W. 72nd Ave.

What's Next?

Significant engineering, design, and right-of-way acquisition work must be completed prior to beginning construction. At this point, it is anticipated that construction on the Ralston Road--Yukon to Garrison--project and the W. 72nd Ave. project will not begin until 2020; however, the City will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure required timelines are communicated as things progress. Updates regarding the progress of the projects will be provided here and on all the City's communication platforms.

Note: The grant-funded portion of the Ralston Road improvements--Wadsworth to Yukon--will begin spring of 2019.

The following information is related to the Two Big Projects. No New Taxes ballot measure. Please see the Introduction to Two Big Projects. No New Taxes for a project overview.

What Makes the W. 72nd Ave. Project Important?

W. 72nd Ave. is an arterial parkway and a major east-west corridor for Arvada’s transportation network, serving 21,000 vehicle trips each day. It provides connectivity to major north-south corridors including three State Highways (SH-95/Sheridan Blvd., SH-121/Wadsworth Blvd., and SH-72/Indiana St). This regional corridor not only serves all of Arvada, it provides access to Westminster and Golden/Jefferson County. Major destinations served by W. 72nd Ave. include the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Apex Center, West Woods Golf Club, Majestic View Nature Center, and regional shopping. Several school are also accessed via this corridor, including Oberon and North Arvada Middle Schools; Lincoln Academy; and Campbell, Van Arsdale, and West Woods Elementary Schools.

The Citizens’ Capital Improvement Plan Committee (CCIPC) twice ranked improvements to W. 72nd Ave. as a high priority. The project also meets concerns expressed in recent Arvada Citizen Surveys. And the 2014 Comprehensive Plan generated transportation models indicating that the congestion, operation, and safety of W. 72nd Ave. will deteriorate with the build-out of the City and roadways will perform at the lowest levels of service.

Why W. 72nd Ave. Needs to Be Improved

  • West of Kipling St., W. 72nd Ave. shrinks abruptly from four lanes to two, creating a bottleneck.  
  • The at-grade Union Pacific Railroad crossing near Oak St. creates major traffic backups when a train passes through.  
  • The intermittent or absent sidewalks create unsafe conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.  

traffic congestion at 72nd and Kiplingintermittent sidewalks at 72nd and Kipling







What the Project Entails

  • Widen W. 72nd Ave. between Kipling and Simms Streets to match the road east of Kipling, eliminating the bottleneck.  
  • Create an underpass at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing near Oak St. to eliminate traffic backups.
  • Add bike lanes.
  • Add sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • Upgrade signalized intersections with the latest traffic signal equipment and technology.
  • Resolve significant drainage issues along W. 72nd Ave. 

This project would require the taking of several properties in the vicinity of the railroad underpass. City staff have met with all affected property owners and will continue to be open and transparent about the process. Should the project move forward, the property owners will be provided a fair market value for their property.


For questions about the 72nd Ave. Project, City Engineer Derek Webb, 720-898-7746 or