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Two Big Projects. No New Taxes.

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Ballot Issue Update

In the November 6, 2018 election, Arvada residents approved Ballot Issue 3F for a bond issue to fund improvements to Ralston Road and W. 72nd Ave.

What's Next?

Significant engineering, design, and right-of-way acquisition work must be completed prior to beginning construction. At this point, it is anticipated that construction on the Ralston Road--Yukon to Garrison--project and the W. 72nd Ave. project will not begin until 2020; however, the City will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure required timelines are communicated as things progress. Updates regarding the progress of the projects will be provided here and on all the City's communication platforms.

Note: The grant-funded portion of the Ralston Road improvements--Wadsworth to Yukon--will begin spring of 2019.

Projects Overview

Ralston Road and W. 72nd Ave. are major east-west corridors each serving more than 20,000 vehicles a day. Both provide access to north-south routes including three State highways. Both provide access to major destinations including retail areas, recreation and schools. The 2014 update to the Comprehensive Plan generated transportation models indicating that the congestion, operation, and safety of Ralston Road and W. 72nd Ave. will deteriorate with the build-out of the City, and roadways will perform at the lowest levels of service.

 Ralston Road Project: Yukon St. to Garrison St.

Narrow lane width creates safety and capacity issues for vehicle traffic, and sidewalk conditions create safety issues for pedestrians. Cycling is prohibited. This project would include:   

  • Widening travel lanes to improve capacity and safety.
  • Rebuilding sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety and allow cycling.

Learn more about the Ralston Road Project.→

 W. 72nd Ave. Project: Kipling St. to Simms St.

Lane reduction just west of Kipling St. creates a bottleneck, which, along with the railroad crossing, causes extreme traffic congestion, especially during peak travel hours. Intermittent and absent sidewalks create significant pedestrian and cyclist safety concerns. This project would include:

  • Adding additional traffic lanes to reduce congestion and improve capacity and safety.
  • Creating an underpass at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing (near Oak St.) to prevent congestion and improve capacity and safety.
  • Adding bike lanes and sidewalks to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.

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 Project Financials

How these two major transportation projects can be completed with No New Taxes. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the two projects or about financing them?

Get answers on our FAQ page.→


For questions about Two Big Projects. No New Taxes, please contact the City Engineering Division at 720-898-7640.