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Current Pavement/Road Quality

2015 Road Quality
Pie chart showing the distributions of road conditions including poor or worse, fair, and satisfactory or better.


Arvada’s transportation infrastructure is the City’s largest and most valuable asset. The City has increased funding towards street improvements in recent years and engages in ongoing street maintenance projects.

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) report included projections for average road conditions. Average conditions include roads that are good and roads that have failed. 

For more information on the PCI Index Report:


For more information on road reconstruction, chip sealing, and more please explore Pavement Project Types

Poor Fair Good
Poor road Fair road Good road

PCI Rating: 19

Street was resurfaced approximately 35 years ago, water and sewer main replacement and patching, severe alligator cracking, severe sub-base failure, severe oxidation and surface wear.  

PCI Rating: 63

Street was resurfaced 15 years ago, cracked sealed 7 years ago, new water line and trench patch 5 years ago, surface wear and oxidation.  

PCI Rating: 95

Street was resurfaced 6 years ago, there is no surface wear, minor cracking. minor oxidation.  

Needs: a complete reconstruction

Needs: a chip seal    Needs: a crack seal and seal coat

Our Streets and Roads Today on the Pavement Condition Index

Line chart showing that the current budget will result in more road deterioration


Map Showing Pavement Condition of Arvada Streets

Every street or road marked pink/red is ranked between poor and serious.

Pavement condition Map