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School Zone Flashers

In order to improve the effectiveness of school zone flashers, the City of Arvada is evaluating/updating school zones for all elementary and middle schools in the City. During the initial inventory of signs and school zone flashers, Arvada’s Traffic Engineering Division determined that many of the school zones exceeded the recommended length or were located outside of a school frontage, rendering them less effective than they can be.

What We Know

  • School zones with 20 MPH speed limits and flashers need to be used in designated areas in front of the school, but flashers should not extend into the adjacent neighborhoods.
  • A large school zone area is difficult to enforce by Arvada Police and results in frustrated drivers, neighbors, and parents.
  • Overuse of school zone signage can desensitize drivers and cause them to disregard the signage when children are present, creating a dangerous environment for children who are expecting slower speeds.

What Next?

We will be reducing the number of extraneous school zones and flashers and fine tuning the remaining ones to meet the latest standards noted in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and follow recommendations from Safe Routes to School experts.

  • The NON-COMPLIANT school zone flashers will be removed during the late summer and early fall period.
  • Outside of the school frontage along walking routes, crews will install neon-colored warning signs and other traffic devices to support pedestrian and bicyclist safety within Arvada neighborhoods.

Staff from the Traffic Engineering Division has coordinated the information with school staff and School Resource Officers to ensure that parents of children attending elementary and middle schools are aware of the changes. Pedestrians need to be on guard while walking in school zone areas. This combination of citizen effort in addition to equipment enhancements and coordination with the Arvada Police will support roadway operations and safety.


For questions or more information, please contact the Traffic Division of Arvada Public Works at 720-898-7740.