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Pedestrian Safety Pilot Program

Program Overview

This pilot program aims to implement proven safety treatments using temporary materials that can be installed quickly and at a low cost. By implementing these safety treatments, Public Works will be able to collect data, make design changes, and measure outcomes from strategies that aim to enhance street safety for all users, whether walking, bicycling, or driving. Based on the results of these temporary projects, Public Works will be able to determine if these improvements should be made permanent and how to identify funding.

57th Avenue Pilot Project

The first pilot project identified is on 57th Avenue in the vicinity of Arvada K8 School. This corridor serves as a direct route into Olde Town, is a major east-west bicycle corridor and is identified in the 2017 Bicycle Master Plan as the number one corridor for improvements. 57th Ave provides walking access to Arvada K8 and Wolff Park. This project aims to make traveling on the corridor safer and more enjoyable for all.
Arial view of 57th Avenue Study Area
This pilot project proposes to install temporary curb extensions at the following five intersections:
  • W. 57th Avenue and Glen Ellen Drive                       
  • W. 57th Avenue and Cody Street
  • W. 57th Avenue and Carr Street
  • W. 57th Avenue  and Brentwood Street
  • W. 57th Avenue and Arvada K8 Entrance
The curb extensions involve the installation of flexi-posts, white striping, and temporary colored paint in an effort to: 
  • reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians at crosswalks, including children walking to school 
  • improve sight lines for drivers, reducing the risk of crashes 
  • reduce speeds of drivers turning into and out of residential streets, making it safer and more enjoyable for people walking and bicycling
The Traffic Division is collecting before and after data in the field and with an online survey. The online survey will be focused on Arvada K8 school parents and the residents on the affected streets. Surveys are also open to all Arvada residents. The "before" survey has concluded and the pilot is in progress.

Olde Town Pilot Project

The second pilot project is in Olde Town at Grandview Avenue and Webster Street. This pedestrian crossing provides access to the G Line train platform, the Olde Town Transit Hub, and shops in Olde Town. The intent of this project is to improve pedestrian viability at this busy crossing. 
Arial View of Olde Town Study Area
This project will include:
  • Removal of brick pavers from the crosswalks
  • Installation of new crosswalk material and new striping
  • Installation of pedestrian refuges in the middle of the crosswalk
  • Installation of pedestrian crossing signs
All visitors to Olde Town were invited to participate in the "before" survey through Speak Up Arvada. 
Based on the results of data collection and resident feedback through Speak UP Arvada, the Traffic Division will make recommendations to City Council regarding making these interventions permanent and testing other pedestrian safety interventions at other locations around the City. 


Please direct questions to John Firouzi,